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Tufts University, Class of 2018

Double major in Computer Science and Spanish

La Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Study abroad, Fall 2016 - Faculty of Letters and Engineering

Professional Experience

Where have I been?

Where am I now?

This semester, I'm working with the Tufts Spanish Department to create a statistical analysis program in R to determine what themes, language, and motifs make for a bestselling novel in the Latin American literature market.

Where will I be?

This summer, I'll be working as a Software Development Engineering intern at Amazon.


Languages (for computers)

C++, C, Python, x86 Assembly, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, JavaScript, and I'm a vim user, forever and always.

Languages (for humans)

Full fluency in Spanish

Activities and Interests

Some code to check out

, a pseudo programming language for native Spanish speakers to write code without having to use and understand English keywords